Used-condom hair bands once again rear ugly head Published: 2013-9-1 19:20:40

A condom is revealed inside the fabric wrapper of a hair band bought from a street vendor in Chongqing. Photo: Chongqing Morning Post.

Consumer reports of condoms being recycled into hair bands in China continue after a Web user posted pictures of similar bands bought from street vendors in Southwest China's Chongqing on August 29, reported the Chongqing Morning Post on August 31.

"It's really disgusting. Who knows how many germs they contain?" posted a Net user "Yeshenrennanjing2" in an unnamed forum, after making the discovery while tying up her daughter's hair.

Another Net user surnamed Liang claimed she made the same discovery after noticing a milky film had leaked from inside the exterior fabric wrapper.

Despite reports of discarded prophylactics in hair bands surfacing as early as 2007 in domestic and international press, suppliers and manufacturers have yet to be identified, said the paper.

Experts explain the hair bands, which have also been found in other cities, could contain discarded condoms from factories or used condoms recycled from waste disposal stations.

The hair bands are popular with young women, who often wrap them on their wrists during use with the help of teeth.

Pan Lianjun, a doctor with Nanjing Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital, said the bands could carry bacteria and viruses if made from used condoms.

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