Bachelorettes make bold-faced lies

By West China Metropolis Daily Source:Agencies Published: 2013-9-1 19:48:01

Nearly all of the 100 bachelorettes attending a blind-date party in Chengdu, Sichuan Province on Saturday were reluctant to participate in a round of questioning that sought to find out what kind of man they wanted - after learning that they would be required to prove the validity of their answers by taking a polygraph test.

Of the few who agreed to the activity, most polygraph results showed abnormalities when the single ladies were asked about the criteria they had for a male partner's family background. Though many women said that it did not matter, the lie detectors suggested otherwise.

One woman even stopped the test mid-way after failing to truthfully respond to the sharp questions asked by organizers, complaining that it was "too embarrassing" to be caught lying.

A majority of the women also proved to be lying when responding to whether they had certain requirements for a man's financial situation.

West China Metropolis Daily

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