Cubans prepare for major boxing events

Source:Xinhua Published: 2013-9-16 9:16:55

A group of Cuban boxers have intensified their training for AIBA (International Boxing Association) World Championships and the World Series of Boxing (WSB), the coach on Sunday.

Cubans will participate in the world championships in Almaty, Kazakhstan, from Oct. 11 to 27, where they expect to recover their past glory. Later, beginning from Nov. 15, Cubans will compete in the 4th WSB.

Twenty boxers, who aim to be part of the Cuban team, are currently training in Escuela Nacional, in southwest Havana. They included the participants in the recent Romanian Gold Belt and the ones who took part in the Pan American Championships.

Coach Rolando Acebal told local press that the boxers who will make the team will be based in the training results.

"We will first have internal matches and then choose the athletes that will represent us. We are going to focus in the tactical strategy and in the physical training," said Acebal.

Mexico's Guerreros team and Cuba's Domadores were part of WSB qualifying Group B, together with defending champions Arlans Astana from Kazakhstan and Baku Fires from Azerbaijan, who reached quarter-finals last year, as well as Poland's Hussars and Russia's Sbora.

WSB qualifying Group A includes Argentina's Condors, United States' USA Knockouts, runners-up team in 2013 Ukraine's Ottomans, Germany's Eagles, Algeria's Dessert Falcons and Italy's Dolce & Gabbana Thunder.

Russia's Sbora, Cuba's first rival to face in Havana on Dec. 7, was the leader in the most recent European competition. Both Poland and Mexico had excellent results as local teams.

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