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By Ewa Manthey Source:Global Times Published: 2013-10-10 18:38:01

A poster for the exhibition

A poster for the exhibition

Two identical brothers who live and work as photographers in two different cities collaborated on two projects and their results are now being exhibited at Shanghai's One Gallery.

Phillip and Anthony Reed display their works In Between and Signs of Life that represent their longest running collaboration and their most recent work respectively.

Photography works on display at the exhibition Photos: Courtesy of One

Photography works on display at the exhibition Photos: Courtesy of One

Phillip is based in London and Anthony in Shanghai. In Between is an on-going photographic dialogue between the two, while Signs of Life is a look at the relationship between architecture and power focusing on East China's coastal cities.

The project In Between started while Phillip was studying photography in London. "It was a response to a brief that challenged us to explore how the Internet and emerging online platforms were affecting the way in which images were being produced," said Anthony Reed. "As identical twin brothers living apart we always kept in close contact, exchanging emails and having Skype conversations, it seemed natural to do the same with images," he said. "It really came quite naturally for us to explore this theme living in different places."

Photography works on display at the exhibition Photos: Courtesy of One

Photography works on display at the exhibition Photos: Courtesy of One

Both projects explore the effects of environment on the experience of the individual. "Signs of Life takes a more critical look at the state of contemporary architecture today whilst In Between is a more personal look at our relationship as identical twins," said Anthony.

The two brothers were born in the UK but spent much of their childhood growing up in Ireland and Botswana. Phillip studied Photography at London College of Communication and Anthony graduated in Fine Art at Norwich School of Art and Design. "We were always very visually minded. At college our interests lied mainly in Sociology, Architecture and Art. Photography felt as though it offered a way of exploring these subjects through visual means," said Anthony.

After graduating in 2007, Anthony moved to China to study Chinese at Ocean University of China in Qingdao, Shandong Province, traveled throughout the country and then settled in Shanghai. "Shanghai represented a drastically different environment to where I came from," he said. "There's this incredible churning energy that's almost overwhelming. It's fascinating to have the opportunity to experience it. I'm grateful to be in a position to witness the huge transformations taking place in China."

The brothers collaborated on various projects before including their work at the Olympics in Beijing.

"We had a pretty varied upbringing going to primary school in Africa and secondary school in England. We share very similar interests and views but have our own personalities," he said. "We inevitably influence each other's work as we do each other's lives and the photographic collaborations are a way of finding a type of cognitive cohesion or unity between our now separate lives."

Date: Until October 18, 1 pm to 7 pm

Venue: One

Address: 201, Bldg 5, 831 Jiangning Road


Admission: Free

Call 3131-7023 for details

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