Property owner finds $1 mln of stashed cash cops suspect was obtained illegally

Source:Nandu Daily-Global Times Published: 2013-10-16 23:38:01

An apartment owner in Dongguan, Guangdong Province has discovered 6.33 million yuan ($1 million) of cash in four storage cartons at his property, but is unlikely to get his hands on a single mao as police suspect the money was left behind by a previous tenant who obtained the money illegally.

Ma Guangdi had finally hired help to clean out his apartment on Monday, after an unnamed man moved out when his lease was up in May. 

When the workers moved the bed out, they found four sealed containers below.

"I thought they contained garbage that the owner wanted me to get rid of," said one of the hired workers.

But when Ma broke the seal to see what was inside, he was shocked to find the storage boxes stuffed with cash. Uncertain as to where the money had come from, Ma called police.

The money was transferred to a local bank for safe-keeping as of Tuesday, said police.

The case remains open, but a preliminary investigation suggests that Ma's ex-tenant had used the place to stash the cash that police believe was obtained through illegal means.

Nandu Daily

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