US experts to share experience with Cambodian counterparts on cultural property protection

Source:Xinhua Published: 2013-10-18 21:39:46

Cambodia and United States will host a three-day workshop to address the investigation, prosecution, and adjudication of cultural property crimes next Monday, according to a press statement from the US Embassy to Phnom Penh on Friday.

"The workshop will bring together US and Cambodian investigators and legal professionals to share their respective knowledge and experience in an effort to improve Cambodia's capacity to protect its cultural property," the statement said.

"Cambodian judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officials attending the workshop will learn about new techniques and developments that can assist with the handling of cases and efforts to curtail theft and the misuse of Cambodia's artifacts," it said.

US presenters will include experts from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the US National Park Service, and the US legal community, while Cambodian presenters will include representatives from the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Interior, Anti-Corruption Unit, and the Royal Academy of Judicial Professions.

As a byproduct of the workshop, the US Embassy will also announce its support for a new public awareness campaign to educate tourists and the Cambodian public about their responsibilities to safeguard Cambodia's cultural property, and the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts will implement the campaign, the statement said.

The workshop and the public awareness campaign support the goals of the Memorandum of Understanding between the two countries concerning the imposition of import restrictions on archaeological material from Cambodia from the Bronze Age through the Khmer Era, it said, adding that the deal, originally executed in 2003, was amended and extended on Sept. 2013.

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