China hosts trio of PM visits Published: 2013-10-22 15:17:00

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Prime ministers from the neighboring countries of Russia (Dmitry Medvedev), India (Manmohan Singh) and Mongolia (Norovyn Altankhuyag) kick off their visits to China on October 22. The three countries are important neighbors of China and it seems a coincidence for their prime ministers to arrive in Beijing on the same day.


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         Medvedev's visit

China-Russian ties at unprecedented high: Medvedev
China-Russian relations stand at an unprecedented height driven by trade and energy cooperation, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said Tuesday, himself a fan of ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tze.

China, Russia chant friendship, pledge closer cooperation
"We should let the Chinese youth know that China-Russia friendship is not ancient history," Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said on Tuesday as he and his Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev met reporters in Beijing.

China, Russia to implement strategic projects in science, technology
China, Russia pledge to boost 'practical' economic cooperation
Chinese president meets Russian PM on ties
Russia has good universities for Chinese students: Medvedev
Chinese premier, Russian PM co-chair regular meeting
China, Russia to launch youth exchange program
Li-Medvedev meeting to boost cooperation
Call to boost investment
China, Russia agree to push forward pragmatic cooperation

         Singh's visit

China, India seek to boost mutual trust
China and India will enhance mutual trust and continue their efforts on border defense cooperation to settle the boundary issue, according to an agreement signed between the two sides on Wednesday.

China-India border defense deal 'a highlight': FM

A Foreign Ministry spokeswoman on Thursday underlined the importance of the latest China-India agreement on border defense cooperation, signed during Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's visit to Beijing.

India, China not destined to be rivals, says Indian PM
Chinese premier: talks with Indian PM 'fruitful'
China, India capable of managing border disputes: Premier
Chinese top legislator meets with Indian Prime Minister
Chinese President meets Indian PM
Indian PM arrives in China for visit
China, India to boost cooperation: FM spokeswoman
Singh visits with border pact
Indian PM hopes to work with Chinese leaders to cement progress in bilateral ties
Indian PM Singh leaves for visit to Russia, China
China, India set to sign a series of deals: FM

         Altanhuyag's visit

China, Mongolia sign document on long-term partnership
China and Mongolia October 25 signed a document that outlines key areas of cooperation for the development of their strategic partnership in the medium and long term.

China's top legislator meets Mongolian prime minister
China's top legislator, Zhang Dejiang met with visiting Mongolian Prime Minister Norov Altankhuyag in Beijing October 25.

National leaders welcome Mongolian PM


Global Times: Chinese diplomacy on steady course
The Sino-Russian strategic partnership has been seeing benign development ever since the Yeltsin era and their bilateral economic, political and security interests are gradually being consolidated.

Despite a number of headaches between Beijing and New Delhi, China-India relations have in a sense become a paragon of ties among countries with territorial disputes. Neither China nor India can afford to suffer a worsening relationship.

Mongolia, long viewed as a wedge beside China, is also happy to undergo smooth development in bilateral ties.

People’s Daily (Overseas edition) : Prime Minister visits bring win-win results
Despite misunderstandings in the past, China and its neighbors of Russia, India and Mongolia, now look forward to a bright future of friendship and cooperation. There is no doubt that national interests drive all diplomatic policy.

Russia has shown sincerity in its strategic cooperation with China despite current economic and geopolitical conflicts. India views its relationship with China as a valued basis for bilateral cooperation amid concerns of border issues, the trade deficit and China’s relations with Pakistan. Located between China and Russia, Mongolia has a diplomatic priority to develop relations with China and Russia, and hopes to benefit from its proximity between the two.

China will adopt a strategy of seeking common ground on major issues while maintaining minor differences with the three neighbors. In this way, common interests will eventually outweigh any other disagreements and strategic cooperation will benefit all.

Xinhua: Golden opportunity to hone world-defining China-Russia partnership

Every sober mind understands that drastic changes of the world order are a ready recipe for chaos and thus unlikely to benefit any member of the international community.

The vision shared by China and Russia is for all nations to learn from and adapt to each other and join hands to build a truly fair and just world order: Hegemony gives way to equality, cooperation replaces confrontation, and the diverse nations across the world coexist peacefully and prosperously.

Foreign media reports:

Itar-Tass News Agency (Russia):

The situation in the Middle East and in North Africa is among the main topical international themes on which Moscow and Beijing are focusing their attention. We jointly come out in favor of peaceful, evolutionary changes in the region; we condemn violence wherever it comes from. Russia and China welcome Syria's decision to join the Convention banning chemical weapons; we favor the earliest convocation of the Geneva-2 conference to discuss a political solution to the Syrian problem; and we do not accept attempts at legitimatizing the policy of the dictates of force through UN Security Council resolutions.

The Times of India (India):
Resolution of border tensions is the "fundamental basis" for improving India-China bilateral relations in all areas and is expected to be a key part of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's agenda in Beijing next week.


 Recent Visits to China

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Bangladesh Foreign Minister
China, Bangladesh to progress BCIM Economic Corridor
Oct 18
Canadian Governor General
Chinese president meets Canadian governor general
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ASEAN Secretary-general
Chinese FM, ASEAN secretary-general hold talks
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Chinese president calls for new momentum in ties with Australia
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Chinese premier meets Tanzanian prime minister

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