Snakes off a plane: Man busted in Shanghai smuggling 121 pythons Published: 2013-11-14 15:06:50

Some of the 121 pythons seized from a man who smuggled the reptiles to Shanghai from Hong Kong on November 6. Photo:

Shanghai customs officers have caught a man smuggling 121 pythons in his luggage.

The man was stopped and questioned during a security check after flying from Hong Kong to Shanghai on November 6. A scan revealed 21 plastic boxes inside his suitcase, with each box containing several snakes wrapped in black stockings.

The man initially claimed the snakes were "rubber tools," but later admitted to smuggling the reptiles that he said were personal pets.  

The snakes were identified as nonvenomous python regius, a species native to Africa listed by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species as endangered.

Authorities are continuing their investigation of the man, who has yet to be charged.

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