Fight like a man: Life of boxing girls in Yunnan

Source:People's Daily Online Published: 2013-11-27 14:16:11

Dai Xianli, 21, the oldest member of the team, is exhausted after highly-intensive workout. (


Women’s boxing gets less attention in China, because some people think boxing is a sport for men. But a group of post-1990s women from a boxing team in Kunming, southwest China’s Yunnan province has a different opinion. They want to show their talent, determination and tenacity and they want to fight to win, just like a man does.

The team was founded three years ago. All the girls lack of experience in major games. In order to achieve their goal of becoming prizefighters and standing out in the national-level championship, they wake up early to do exercise every day. And they never have the idea of giving up, although they always feel weak or languid after intensive work out.

To guarantee the efficiency of training and team’s quality, the girls have to observe the strict regulations of the boxing team. For example, they must return to the training base after the half-day holiday on every Sunday afternoon; they are not allowed to leave the training base without coach’s permission, and time for surfing Internet or for other entertainments is also limited.

Unlike their contemporaries, they don't have many chances to wear feminine clothes or have time to dress up; instead they work on boxing seven days a week and their wardrobes are only filled with sportwears, boxing gloves, and protective clothing.


Dai Xianli is in the boxing training. (



Girls are in the middle of training. (



Dai Xianli talks with her team members and makes them laugh during the break. (



A 14-year-old girl who wants to be a prizefighter. (



Before training, the girls need to tie bandage on the joints of the fingers. (



Dai Xianling walks in the corridor of her dormitory. (



Dai Xianli drinks tap water to quench the thirst after training. (



A girl receives massage from her roommate after training. (



Dai Xianli smiles shyly when she goes shopping wearing skirt. (


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