March on, China’s aircraft carrier

Source:Global Times Published: 2013-11-30 0:38:01

On a scientific and training mission, China's aircraft carrier - the Liaoning - and its escort ships docked at Sanya's naval harbor, Hainan Province on Friday. During its voyage in the South China Sea, warplanes and aircraft from the US and Japan nervously followed the Chinese carrier, trying to put psychological pressure on the Chinese people.

Echoing the US' and Japan's stance, European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said China's establishment of the Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) over the East China Sea intensified regional tensions.

Meanwhile, all the tricks and threats made by the US and Japan have been of no avail. The Liaoning's entry into the South China Sea, together with the establishment of the ADIZ as well as the patrol of PLA Air Force in this region, proves that China is capable of handling the situation.

What the PLA Navy and Air Force have done conforms to international law and safeguards the legitimate rights of the nation, and deserves the strong support of the Chinese people. As to those chaotic voices of opposition, we can totally ignore them for lack of persuasive reasons.

Sticking to an international pattern designed by the West, the US and Japan have expressed a strong desire to restrict China's interests to the edge of the continent. China's development of an aircraft carrier aims to gradually draw a clear line of demarcation with the US and Japan.

The carrier's voyage and the establishment of the ADIZ is a test that mirrors the geopolitical surroundings the nation faces. No applause awaits China, nor does an iron curtain stand before the nation. It is China's desire and intelligence that will determine how far it can go.

The West clearly understands what China has done is just a normal thing that many large countries do. Meanwhile, it cannot smoothly adjust to the changes and intentionally expand its disagreement into worldwide opposition. In the future, China should not hesitate in pursuing its greater interests once a decision has been made. Only in that way can the West become accustomed to the growth and expansion of China's interests, rather than regard all the oceans as its sphere of influence.

Due to the resistance of the US and Japan, China should adopt a more cautious attitude to decrease the chances of escalation of confrontations. China should also enhance its pragmatic capability in order to bring all its actions under control and not take unnecessary risks.

Some say China is altering the pattern of East Asia and aims to adjust the world order that has existed for 500 years. The reality is that we hope the West will be more pragmatic so as to play fair with China to maintain world peace and prosperity. All in all, nobody should worry about the major trend of history.

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