China’s popular mobile social media apps Published: 2013-12-16 17:37:00

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Social networking platforms on mobile devices shorten distances between friends and even strangers. People can share their thoughts instantly without limits of place or time. Below are three popular mobile social networking platforms in China, which can come in handy for those looking for friends on this side of the world.

           Popular apps in China

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Similar apps: miliao, yixin, Laiwang

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Similar apps: Tencent Weibo, Sohu Weibo, 163 Weibo

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Similar apps: iAround


Many have compared Weibo to a big square where everybody can speak, and the one who speaks the loudest gets the most attention, while WeChat is more like a private club or a dinner table where friends can have a more intimate conversation, said Kang Guoping, an independent commentator who works in the IT industry.



Speaking at a forum of entrepreneurs in February, 2011, CEO of Sina, Charles Chao, said Twitter is more like a one-way broadcast tool while the Chinese weibo is more interactive.

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