'Little Daddy'actor/director Wen Zhang wins double at LETV Awards

By Xiong Yuqing Source:Globaltimes.cn Published: 2013-12-23 17:00:15

The hard work of actor Wen Zhang finally paid off as he won two awards at the fourth LETV Awards ceremony held in Beijing last Thursday.

The actor, who first tried his hand at directing with the series Little Daddy, received his first award for Best TV Series in the Chinese mainland. The awards honor a wide range of actors and TV shows on the network, which boasts over 400 million viewers across all LETV platforms, including online videos and APP terminals.

Wen also won the Best TV Actor Award in the Chinese mainland for his performance in the drama, joking that "the cast of this drama are 'just so-so', but the director is perfect," during his acceptance speech.

Actress Hai Qing successfully shook off her label as "China's daughter-in-law" by winning the Best TV Actress Award in the Chinese mainland for her ground-breaking performance as a tomboy auto-mechanic in TV series Mop Lady's Spring.

The highest applause and screams of the night went to Wallace Chung, the winner of the Best TV Actor Award in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Crazed fans kept screaming for over 10 seconds when Chung went to pick up his prize.

Chung has acted in further shows in the Chinese mainland, starring as an "ideal man" in both modern and costumed historical pieces. Being voted as one of the top four most beautiful men on tianya.cn, Chung has gained great popularity in the Chinese mainland, especially among female audiences.

The ceremony also gave out some prizes to promote new TV shows that will be shown on the network in the new year.

Director Zheng Xiaolong's new drama Red Sorghum, adapted from Mo Yan's novel of the same name and led by actress Zhou Xun, was selected as the Most Anticipated Modern TV Drama in 2014.

In the past few years, Zheng made several breakthroughs in the development of TV dramas. His previous series, Legend of Zhen Huan lead to an Emmy nomination in the US for its leading actress Sun Li. He admitted that the award is putting pressure on him to succeed and hoped that he would complete the drama in the best way possible.

Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils, adapted from Jin Yong's novel and starring Chung, was selected as the Most Anticipated Costumed Piece in 2014. The drama is set to go on air this week on Hunan Satellite TV.

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