Venezuela's Maduro appoints new ministers in gov't reshuffle

Source:Xinhua Published: 2014-1-10 16:00:23

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Thursday appointed seven new ministers, after all 23 previous ministers presented their resignations as part of the government reshuffle.

Maduro announced new appointments to the ministries of Labor, Education, Higher Education, Industry, Sports, Youth and the Secretariat of the Presidency.

He appointed Jesus Martinez to replace Maria Cristina Iglesias as the labor minister.

Hector Rodriguez was named as the new education minister, replacing Maryann Hanson, while the new higher education minister was Ricardo Menendez, taking over from Pedro Calzadilla.

In the Ministry of Industry, Wilmer Barrientos took over from Ricardo Menendez. Hugo Cabezas would replace Barrientos and head the Secretariat of the Presidency.

Antonio Alvarez was picked as sports minister, in place of Alejandra Benitez.

The Youth Ministry would be headed by Victor Clark, instead of Hector Rodriguez.

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