China's rails ready for Chunyun Published: 2014-1-15 16:04:00

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China braces for holiday travel peak
A total of 7.8 million trips are expected to be made by train on Wednesday as millions return to work from Spring Festival holiday reunions, according to the China Railway Corporation (CRC) on Wednesday.

Snowstorms continue to disrupt holiday travel peak
Snowstorms are forecast to continue affecting millions who are returning to work after family reunions during the Spring Festival holiday.

Road traffic surges as Chinese return from holiday
The number of road travelers in China is expected to hit 89.1 million on Wednesday, the sixth day of the week-long Spring Festival holiday, as many return to their jobs from family reunions.

Snow disrupts China holiday traffic

Chunyun to hit record high

          Chunyun 2014

Time: Jan 16 - Feb 24

Overall passenger journeys  predicted: 3.62 billion, 200 million more than the previous year

Railway: 258 million

Road: 3,200 million

Air: 42 million

Water: 43 million


How to buy train ticket

10 most dangerous roads home


Safety Warnings
1. Be wary of strangers who want to talk to you while you are going home. Do not give them any personal information. 

2. Refuse invitations from strangers. Do not make appointments with strangers on your own, and do not accept money if they offer it. 

3. It’s better to travel with companions rather than alone.

4. Do not tell strangers the purpose of your travel, the number of bags you have, and the amount of cash you are carrying. 

5. Do not accept drinks or food from strangers under any circumstances.

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Work on Chinese New Year's Eve?

Not this year: China to work on lunar New Year’s Eve
According to the new holiday plan, the Spring Festival holiday will start on the first day of the lunar new year, instead of starting on the eve of the Spring Festival, as was the old plan.

Rail pricing

China set to unveil reform plan for rail pricing in 2014
China will release its reform plan for the pricing system of railway transportation at the beginning of next year, so as to make the pricing mechanism more market-oriented and attract private investors for railway investment, a media report said.

Plug-in software

Firms offering plug-ins for train ticket site
Two Web browser makers announced Wednesday that they will provide train ticket-buying assistance plug-ins to help users search for and book tickets on, the official website for China's train ticket sales, ahead of the upcoming travel rush during the Spring Festival holidays.

Online booking system

Real-name train travel collapses after prank
Moment of netizen: Loophole in online train booking system
A new step for online rail tickets

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By train. Photo: Xinhua

By airplane. Photo: Xinhua

By bicycle. Photo: Xinhua

By motorcycle. Photo: Xinhua

On foot. Photo: Xinhua

By car. Photo: Xinhua

By bus. Source: Chutian Shibao
By boat. Source: Xinhua


It is normal to see such pressure in a short period of peak passenger flow, otherwise, there would be serious overcapacity on the network in off-peak periods. ---Ma Guangyuan, a Beijing-based economist

It is critical to accelerate the urbanization drive and foster metropolitan clusters, in which urban areas spread out to the hinterland of larger cities. ---Zhao Jian, a professor at Beijing Jiaotong University

China Youth Daily

Recent media reports claim that scalpers using plug-ins can grab up to 1245 tickets in a mere ten minutes. If law enforcement ignores such tactics and scalpers go unpunished, then these reports are advertising their services. Thanks to the media, now an even larger portion of the public is aware of the software. This only exacerbates the problem.

Rather than discuss whether or not we should allow the use of ticket-buying plug-ins, let’s consider why, the official website for China's train ticket sales, should be allowed to monopolize online train ticket sales. Either that or China Railway Corporation can just improve their website. If they are incapable of handling the volume during China’s Spring Festival, why not share the burden with other experienced ticketing companies?
The China Railway Corporation (CRC), which took over the commercial arm of the former Ministry of Railways (MOR), went into business last March. However, the CRC is still less transparent than the Civil Aviation Corporation in terms of pricing. If this continues, the transition to a market-based system will be extremely slow and services won’t improve. Therefore, the CRC should follow the reforms of civil aviation and use a pricing mechanism to adjust the market and improve allocation of resources.



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