Shenyang drills were ‘regular training’: MOD

Source:Global Times Published: 2014-1-21 0:38:02

China's Ministry of National Defense stated Monday that drills held by the Shenyang Military Area Command recently was planned "regular training" in response to foreign media's speculation over its strategic nature amid tensions on the North Korean border.

Seoul-based TV network SBS recently reported that China's fully mechanized 39th Group Army in the drills could reach to Pyongyang in six hours with its tanks.

South Korean media also said China has deployed 150,000 soldiers on the border while the US has decided to send more fighter jets to South Korea, which made some worried that the peninsula might become the center of an arms race in Northeast Asia.

"The reports were irresponsible without factual evidence," the Ministry of National Defense told the Global Times.

Global Times

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