12 terrorists dead in Xinjiang riot

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12 terrorists killed in Xinjiang attack
Police in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region on Friday shot dead six attackers, while another six died in an explosion, local authorities revealed Saturday.

Attack: two explosions 
First explosion: a group of terrorist suspects threw explosives at police, who were making arrests, and police opened fire and gunned down six
Second explosion: six other suspects were killed later in an explosion they set off themselves in their vehicle when they were surrounded by police 
Location: a beauty salon and a grocery market in Xinhe county, Aksu prefecture, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region 
Time: around 6:40 pm January 24 
Terrorist suspects: 12 dead, five arrested 
Injured: one police officer was slightly injured
Public: no casualties were reported
Background: Xinhe county is an old town located in southern Xinjiang and is home to 15 ethnic minorities including Uyghur and Kazak. 

Global Times:
12 terrorists killed in Xinjiang attack
Li Wei, an anti-terrorism expert with the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations, told the Global Times that China is facing a tougher anti-terrorism challenge as the scale and frequency of attacks have been escalating.

However, Li emphasized that terrorist attacks in Xinjiang are not a problem that is endemic to the region, as almost every attack that took place there recently was linked to overseas influences.

"The increasing terrorist activities around the region, and even on a global scale, have made terrorist members of the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) more active," said Li. He noted that the group has had more frequent exchanges of personnel and arms, and is holding exercises under real combat conditions.

"The border incident is highly threatening and authorities need to pay close attention to the identities of the attackers," said Li, adding that terrorist activities around Chinese borders are shifting from South Asia to Central Asia, which is a springboard for entering Xinjiang.

Global Times (Chinese edition):
Xu Jianying, fellow at the Research Center for Chinese Borderland History and Geography,  Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Both temporary and fundamental solutions are necessary in order to properly respond to the new threats posed by the "East Turkistan" terrorists. 

In order to achieve long-term stability through development in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, a strategic plan devoted to the land reclamation and demographic changes in southern Xinjiang must be developed. 

Such measures would help to improve integration of politics, economy and culture between Xinjiang and inland regions, as well as promote exchange between ethnic groups. It is also necessary to create an employment platform to further facilitate exchange. 

The military corps should continue to maintain stability and development in the new era. 

Grassroots efforts should also be made to raise awareness among all ethnic groups to the dangers of religious extremism. Specialized counter-terrorism forces should be strengthened with more international cooperation and exchange of intelligence. 

Whether in government agencies or public places, counter-terrorism awareness reduces loss through precaution.

          Anti-terrorism efforts 

d Transparent information 

We call on local authorities in Xinjiang and relevant central departments to inform the public more about the details of the incidents, and further allow real public feelings to be released. 
r Ethnic solidarity 

Yu Zhengsheng, China's top political advisor, called for greater efforts in improving people's living conditions and promoting ethnic solidarity and social harmony.

At the moment, while decisively fighting against terrorists, we must encourage local police, unite people from different ethnic groups, and boost their confidence that the macro situation in Xinjiang is stable and under control. 

We call on Xinjiang residents from various ethnic groups to stay safe and work with local police. 
, Political strategy 

China has been strengthening its strategic power. The geopolitical network surrounding Xinjiang is almost unbreakable. 
x Strike 

China will impose severe punishment on those taking part in violent crimes. 

Armed police in Xinjiang:
h 24-hour patrol on all weather conditions,
h cooperate with local public security organs,
h precautionary and preemptive measures
x Resisting force abroad 

China hopes the United States will avoid using a double standard when discussing terrorism.

Western public opinion, standing upon Western interest, may make use of the incidents to try to fan the flames of trouble. We should ignore those noises.

d Cooperation 

China's national legislature adopted two pacts on anti-terrorism cooperation among Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) members:
h on the procedures of organizing joint anti-terrorism drills among SCO members;
h on the procedures of carrying out joint anti-terrorism actions in the territory of SCO members

            Xinjiang riots
Time  Location  Riot 
7/5 Urumqi  Six sentenced to death over Xinjiang riot
Six men who were convicted of murder and other crimes in the July 5 riot in Xinjiang were sentenced Monday to death after a first-instance trial, and another man was jailed for life.

Riots in Urumqi occured on July 5 left 197 people dead and more than 1,600 injured.
7/30 Kashi  Police kill 4 suspects in Xinjiang city
Four suspects were shot dead by police in the city of Kashi  in Xinjiang Sunday afternoon.

Four others were caught, while police are hunting for the rest four following an eruption of violence at 4:30 pm, in which more than 10 pedestrians and police officers had been found injured.
12/28  Pishan  Police shoot dead 7 terrorists in Xinjiang
A group of "violent terrorists" kidnapped two hostages in the southern mountainous areas of Pishan county, Hotan Prefecture, at around 11 pm Wednesday. Police opened fire after the kidnappers resisted, killing seven of them, injuring four and detaining another four, the regional government said.

One police officer was killed and another was injured. The two hostages were rescued successfully. 
2/28 Kashi  Xinjiang to get tougher on terrorists
A group of assailants with knives went on a killing spree on Xingfu Walking Street in Yecheng county of Kashi. Fifteen civilians were hacked to death and a further 14 were injured. 
6/29 Hotan  Xinjiang hijackers get death
Six people tried to hijack Tianjin Airlines' flight GS7554 after it took off from Hotan Airport, 1,400 kilometers away from its destination, the regional capital Urumqi. 

Twenty-four crew members and passengers were injured in the incident, which caused direct economic losses of 28.58 million yuan ($4.58 million).
3/7 Korla
Knife-wielder killing 5 arrested in Xinjiang
Police had arrested a farmer who is suspected of having killed five people in Xinjiang.

The 27-year-old male suspect killed five people and injured seven others outside a supermarket in Korla city around 3 pm on March 7. 
4/23  Bachu  Xinjiang terror spree kills 21
Police in Kashi, Xinjiang have stopped  a terrorist attack, in which 21 people including six terrorists were killed.

The attack in Serikbuya town, Bachu county, took place at 1:30 pm Tuesday, local news portal ts.cn first reported. 
6/26 Lukqun  Riot kills 27 in Xinjiang
A riot in a town in Xinjiang killed 27 people, including 10 rioters on June 26, several days ahead of the anniversary of deadly riots in the region's capital in 2009. 
6/28 Hotan  New round of riots brings fresh violence to Xinjiang
A riot occurred at noon Friday in Hotan, Xinjiang, with over 100 terrorists attacking a number of people with weapons after gathering at local religious venues. The casualties are still being counted. Later Friday local government website www.ts.cn confirmed the riot in Hotan. 
8/20  Kashi  Govt sets up national anti-terror team
A terrorist attack occurred on August 20 in Kashi, Xinjiang, in which a policeman died in action against a violent terrorist group, according to a report by People's Daily Online. 
11/16  Bachu  Xinjiang police attack under investigation
Police said 11 people were killed in an assault on a police station on Saturday afternoon in Xinjiang.

Nine attackers, armed with knives and axes, were shot dead during the attack in Serikbuya, Bachu county in Kashi prefecture, some 1,200 kilometers southwest from the regional capital Urumqi. Two employees working with local police were killed and another two were injured, the Xinhua News Agency reported on Saturday, citing local police. 
12/15  Shufu  Six held after Xinjiang attack
Local police in a  township near Kashi, Xinjiang, have detained six suspects who were involved in a terrorist attack on Sunday, which killed 16 people, including two police officers and 14 attackers.

The incident, which was "organized and premeditated," took place in Sayibage township of Shufu county, administered by Kashi in western Xinjiang, according to local news portal ts.cn. 
12/30  Kashi  8 dead in Xinjiang terror attack
Eight terrorists were shot dead and another captured by police during a terrorist attack early Monday morning in Xinjiang, the Xinjiang government announced on its official website ts.cn. 

The nine terrorists attacked a police station at around 6 am in Shache county in the Kashi of Xinjiang. They wielded knives, threw explosives and set police cars on fire. 
1/24  Xinhe  12 terrorists killed in Xinjiang attack
Police in Xinjiang on Friday shot dead six attackers, while another six died in an explosion, local authorities revealed Saturday. 
Timeline of the riots in Xinjiang before 2009

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