No kidding: China's growing obsession with child stars Published: 2014-2-20 0:11:29


Xinhua Daily
Though child stars serve as role models for other children, their success is difficult to replicate. The contrast between pint-sized celebrities and regular children may have a negative influence.

Society is obsessed with child stars and their possible profits. This trend will harm children’s growth, and make the public tired of child stars. The obsession with child-stars stems from childhood nostalgia and a desire to escape.

Jiefang Daily
It is not a good thing for child stars to endorse a product, as it may make them materialistic and have other negative influences on their values. Perhaps parents would do better to have their children read the Chinese classics.

Shenyang Daily
Parents of child stars should help their children learn the difference between daily life and the stage. If pint-sized stars indulge in the profits brought by fame, it may hinder their future development.

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