3 terror suspects killed by US drone in southeast Yemen

Source:Xinhua Published: 2014-3-4 10:14:01

A US drone strike targeting an al-Qaida vehicle killed at least three terrorist suspects and wounded two others in Yemen's southeast on Monday evening, a security official told Xinhua.

"The US drone fired two missiles on a vehicle carrying al- Qaida militants, killing three terrorists and wounding two others in a desert road in Radhum region in Shabwa province," the local security official said on condition of anonymity.

Another security official in Shabwa also confirmed the attack and casualties that took place just two hours after the suspected terrorists launched an attack on a military patrol, killing six soldiers in the same region.

The identities of those killed in the strike were not immediately available but they appeared to be linked to al-Qaida, a group designated as terrorists by many countries, the official said.

Elsewhere in south Yemen, a military intelligence officer told Xinhua anonymously that a US drone struck suspected al-Qaida sites in the southern Abyan province, amid reports of casualties.

The unmanned drone hit several al-Qaida sites and damaged two vehicles in Abyan's Mahfad town, the intelligence source said.

On Monday morning, a US drone strike killed a suspected al- Qaida militant who was driving a car in Yemen's central province of Marib.

The Yemen-based al-Qaida offshoot has frequently launched revenge attacks on local targets, military and foreign missions in the country.

Last December, 12 al-Qaida militants attacked the Yemeni defense ministry, killing over 56 people and injuring more than 200 others.

The United States has escalated its drone strikes on suspected al-Qaida targets in Yemen since President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi took office in February 2012 after a UN-backed deal removed former President Ali Abdullah Saleh from power.

Last week, President Obama pledged to continue supporting the counterterrorism efforts of Hadi's government, aiming to uproot militants in Yemen's southern regions.

However, critics of the Obama administration say the drone strikes often violate international law. A recent report published by China on the human rights record of the United States showed that drone strikes by the US have caused heavy civilian casualties in Yemen.

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