46 global companies interested in resort ventures in the Maldives

Source:Xinhua Published: 2014-3-5 19:15:21

Forty-six companies have submitted applications to begin developing resorts in the Maldives in partnership with the Maldives government, the Tourism Ministry said on Wednesday.

The deadline for submitting expressions of interest for resort development with the Maldivian government ran out on Monday.

Tourism Minister Ahmed Adeeb had told local media the government was upbeat regarding the high number of global companies that had expressed interest in beginning resorts in the Maldives. The proposals will begin evaluation presently.

"Forty-six parties have submitted expressions of interest to develop resorts. We will decide how the government will venture on with these private parties after having evaluated their proposals, " he said.

The minister said that if the government does make a resort in a joint venture with a private party, then they would consider doing it with the most financially capable party. Also, he said that the government will evaluate the party's experience in tourism.

"The most important factor considered will be financial capability, because the purpose of this venture is to develop many resorts," he said.

Maldives President Abdulla Yameen has vowed to open 10 resorts in a year, pledging 50 new resorts in his five-year term.

Sixty islands have been granted for resort development at various time periods to different parties, which still remain incomplete. Two or three resorts are opened on average in a year.

Maldives tourism topped 1 million arrivals in 2013 with China continuing to lead the way. However it was not reported whether any of the 46 proposals are from Chinese companies.

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