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Degeneration is a large group show that explores the concept, continuity and ruptures in contemporary art through works by the 10 most iconic young Chinese artists in a variety of media. One of the most remarkable aspects of this exhibition, which follows a plethora of shows addressing the generational issue, is that it is made of 10 small "solos," one by each of the participating artists. This aims at forming a coherent path that may indicate their evolution and possible future direction, showing that a young artist is not necessarily inexperienced, while on the other hand the work of more mature artists does not necessarily lose its freshness.

Date: Until March 23, 10 am to 7 pm

Venue: OCT Contemporary Art Terminal Shanghai 


Address: 1016 Beisuzhou Road


Admission: Free

Call 6608-5180 for details

The Ears Have Walls

The Ears Have Walls is a new solo exhibition by one of today's most sought-after Dutch artists Gabriel Lester. A follow-up of his grand survey Roxy at Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum in 2012, this show at Leo Xu Projects features a collection of works dealing with global immigration and changing living conditions. Also on display is a unique musical performance designed to pay homage to early 20th century theater. Born in Amsterdam, Gabriel Lester is a visual artist and film director who splits his time living and working between Amsterdam and Shanghai.

Date: Until April 6, 10 am to 6 pm

Venue: Leo Xu Projects

Address: Bldg 3, Lane 49 Fuxing Road West


Admission: Free

Call 3461-1245 for details

Jan Saudek's Photo Exhibition: What I've Done is to Record the People I Met During My Lifetime

Born to a Czech Jewish family in 1935, Jan Saudek spent much of his childhood in a concentration camp during World War II. After surviving the war, Saudek studied at a graphic design school and showed his talent in painting and photographing. His best known works are hand-tinted depictions of painterly dream worlds, mostly inhabited by nude or semi-nude figures.

Date: Until March 24, 10 am to 6 pm (closed on Mondays)

Venue: Ofoto Gallery


Address: 13 Bldg, 50 Moganshan Road


Admission: Free

Call 6298-5416 for details

Contingency Plans: or, Living with Unstable Grounds

This exhibition looks at how the unexpected forces of nature shape landscapes and human lives. Entitled Contingency Plans: or, Living with Unstable Grounds, it draws on understudied cases from overlooked places through 19 case studies assembled by over 20 contributors. Each case study is based on an unexpected terrestrial event. Examples include a landslide in Hong Kong, persistent desertification in China, the seepage of mining waste in West Papua, and the gradual accumulation of the surface of the Earth in the UK.

Date: March 29 to June 1, 10 am to 8 pm

Venue: The University of Hong Kong / Shanghai Study Centre


Address: 298 Beisuzhou Road


Admission: Free

Visit ash.arch.hku.hk for details

On Stage

Dance Drama: Confucius

The 90-minute dance drama Confucius, created by the National Opera and Dance Drama Theater in 2013, is coming to the city next week. The show will be divided into six sections, each featuring a particular story of the ancient Chinese thinker. These include his experiences lobbying politicians of different countries during the Spring and Autumn Period, his presence amid the extravagant and corrupt governors and civilians who became homeless during continual war, as well as his blueprint for a harmonious world. The dances involved in the show will cover ancient, folk and modern styles, while the music for different sections will highlight different themes, such as remonstration, crisis and battle. The playwright and also the director is Kong Dexin, a 77th-generation descendant of Confucius.

Date: March 27 and 28, 7:30 pm

Venue: Shanghai City Theatre


Address: 4889 Dushi Road


Tickets: 120 yuan to 380 yuan

Call 5460-4660 ext 5305 for details

Gala 2014 Concert in Shanghai

Set up in 2004 in Beijing, Gala has become an acclaimed rock band among both critics and fans in China. Their albums include the English Young for You released in 2004, which highlighted the unbounded enthusiasm of youth, and the Chinese Zhui Meng Chi Zi Xin in 2011 that has encouraged numerous people with its touching and uplifting lyrics. Crowned as one of the best rock bands in China, Gala is embarking on its 2014 China tour to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

Date: May 24, 7:30 pm

Venue: Shanghai Oriental Art Center 东方艺术中心

Address: 425 Dingxiang Road


Tickets: 80 yuan to 480 yuan

Call 400-880-2880 for details

Bruno Mars The Moonshine Jungle Tour

American singer-songwriter Bruno Mars is coming to Shanghai for the first time for a one-night concert. The 28-year-old has won two Grammy Awards - Best Male Pop Vocal Performance in 2011 and Best Pop Vocal Album this year - and has been nominated 18 times. Mars is one of the most successful male solo singers in the world. The Hawaiian-born musician recently preformed his first Super Bowl halftime show on February 2. His hit singles include "Just the Way You Are," "Grenade," "Locked Out of Heaven," "When I Was Your Man" and "Treasure," which all topped the Billboard Hot 100 singles charts.

Date: April 3, 7:30 pm

Venue: Mercedes-Benz Arena


Address: 1200 Expo Avenue


Tickets: 480 to 1,680 yuan

Call 4006-228-228 for details


2014 Shanghai International Beer Festival

The largest beer festival in the city will include some 100 beer brands from more than 24 countries, as well as food providers offering a variety of cuisine. The area for the event, at 5,000 square meters, will be divided into four sections featuring distinctive characteristics, including an indoor bar, an entertainment area with games, a river-view area and a music area with DJs and musicians performing live on stage.

Date: April 18, 6 pm to midnight; April 19, 2 pm to midnight; April 20, 2 pm to 11 pm

Venue: Wharf 1846 Bund Promenade


Address: 601 Waima Road


Admission: 50 yuan per person (including a free beer)

Visit http://www.shbeerfest.com/ for more details

Monthly Film Cycle

This month's film cycle at the Eight Art Hotel on the Bund is dedicated to understanding the mental processes and social patterns of the masses with screenings of The Edukators (2004), and V for Vendetta (2005) on the following two Tuesday nights. With viewings and discussion, the events are set to make audiences think about how we are governed, how our minds are molded, how our tastes are formed, and how our ideas are suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. Admission is free but space is limited so make a reservation for seats by emailing res@eightarthotel.com.

Date: March 25, 7 pm

Venue: Eight Art Hotel


Address: 7 Yan'an Road East


Admission: Free

Call 3331-0000 for details

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