Premier seeks to reassure nervy markets

Source:Agencies-Global Times Published: 2014-3-30 23:13:01

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang sought to reassure global investors that authorities were ready to support the cooling economy, saying the government had the necessary policies in place and would push ahead with infrastructure investment.

China will maintain a steady and sustainable economic growth through pushing forward reforms and promoting structural adjustments, Li was quoted as saying in a statement published on the central ­government's website Sunday.

In a speech made Wednesday at a meeting in Northeast China's Liaoning Province, Li said the government had policies well prepared and would roll out targeted measures step by step to aid the economy, the Xinhua News Agency reported Friday.

"We have gathered experience from successfully battling the economic downturn last year and we have policies in store to counter economic volatility for this year," Li said.

"We will launch relevant and forceful measures according to what we have planned in our government work report," he said.

Among those measures are speeding up construction of infrastructure, including railways, highways and water conservation projects in the central and western regions, as well as boosting trade and cutting companies' financing costs, according to Xinhua.

"The overall performance in the economy so far this year is relatively stable and we saw some positive changes, but we cannot neglect the increasing downward pressure and difficulties," Li said.

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