China willing to enhance parliamentary exchanges with EU: president

Source:Xinhua Published: 2014-4-1 8:42:48

Chinese President Xi Jinping said here Monday China is willing to enhance parliamentary and party-to-party exchanges with the European Union (EU).

Xi made the remarks when meeting President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz during a visit to the EU headquarters based in the Belgian capital.

China attaches great importance to the status and role of the European Parliament, Xi said, expressing the hope that the European Parliament could see China in a more positive and objective way, comprehensively and deeply participate in China-EU cooperation and play a positive role in promoting bilateral ties.

Noting that mutual trust is the fundamental precondition for the China-EU relations, Xi said despite their choices of different paths of development, the two sides share the common goal of pursuing lasting peace and prosperity.

The Chinese nation chose the socialist path with Chinese characteristics after nearly one century's unremitting exploration in the modern history, Xi said.

China's rapid development has proven that its path, theories and political system are in line with China's national conditions, he said.

Noting that China is constantly exploring and making progress on the road to realize the Chinese Dream of great national renewal, Xi said his country is willing to conduct dialogue and exchanges with the EU on the basis of mutual respect and equal treatment, so as to enhance mutual understanding, trust and cooperation.

China's policy on Europe is consistent, Xi said, adding that China firmly supports Europe's integration and hopes the EU can better appreciate and offer more support to China's peaceful development, and trust China's strategic choices.

Xi expressed the hope that China and the EU could be good and sincere friends that enjoy mutual trust and seek common development in a multi-polar world.

For his part, Schulz hailed China as a "great country," saying it has made huge achievements in its development.

He said the European Parliament admires China's resolve to push ahead with reform and believes that EU-China ties now face huge opportunities.

Strengthening EU-China cooperation is of great significance not only to the two sides, but also to the cooperation between Europe and Asia and to the world, he said.

The European Parliament, Schulz said, supports launching a political dialogue with China, enhancing mutual understanding and trust between the EU and China, and further strengthening the partnership.

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