Maoming residents plan more PX plant protests

By Jiang Jie Source:Global Times Published: 2014-4-3 9:01:36

Protests against plans for a controversial PX chemical plant in Maoming, South China's Guangdong Province look likely to continue this coming weekend as the government repeated its pledge to consult residents.

Maoming residents plan a peaceful rally outside the city government building on Friday. Residents of nearby Guangzhou, the Guangdong capital city, plan a peaceful protest this coming weekend, according to a notice circulated online.

Participants are required to sign up for the rally and the notice warned there should be no slogans, violence or masks worn.

The activity will be canceled if fewer than 300 people show up, the notice read.

Demonstrations have rocked Maoming since Sunday, some reportedly involving physical conflict between police and protesters, with stones and water bottles being thrown. 

Rumors of deadly clashes on Sunday and Monday have been spreading online, with the Hong Kong-based Apple Daily reporting 15 deaths.

A Maoming city government press official told the Global Times that two students, who did not yield to persuasion to leave on Sunday, were slightly injured.

The official dismissed an Apple Daily report that a citywide strike will take place in Maoming on Thursday. 

"Some irresponsible media have ignored the truth and produced fake reports," the official said. "We're here to clarify that it is impossible for the government to kill civilians in the legal society of China."

The Maoming government on Wednesday vowed again not to go ahead with the project if the majority of people stood against it.

"We have a daily press conference and we would love to communicate with citizens in an open and rational way," said the city press official, who refused to be named. "Liang Luoyue, the deputy mayor, met citizen representatives on Tuesday."

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