‘A Bite of China’

Source:Global Times Published: 2014-4-7 19:03:02

A documentary featuring Chinese delicacies, A Bite of China, was a wide sensation two years ago. After nearly a year of shooting, the show's second season will finally broadcast every Friday from April 18 to June 6 on CCTV-9 Documentary.

The second season will continue the previous season's theme of exploring the bond between Chinese people and food. Introducing over 150 individuals and 300 kinds of delicacies, the show allows audiences to get to know this ancient oriental country. The second season will be divided into eight episodes.

General director Gu Xiaoqing said, "Chinese people have endured hard times and expressed their joy with their food."

 To film the show, the 30-member creative team divided into eight groups and traveled to over 150 places. They also developed their own method of macro-photography to enable extreme close-ups of the food to look even more real and attractive.

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