Nippon Paint tops C-BPI polls for second consecutive year Published: 2014-4-15 15:10:26


The China-Brand Power Index (C-BPI) is the most trusted brand-evaluating system used by consumers and companies. The China Brand Research Center conducted its 2014 C-BPI survey covering 30 cities nationwide to examine brand awareness and loyalty among 13,500 people aged from 15 to 60. Covering 170 sectors, a total of 7,600 mainstream brands were included in the evaluation. In the "household goods" category, Nippon Paint China topped other companies in the "interior paint" and "wood coatings" categories.

Annual C-BPI results not only help consumers make better purchasing choices, but also assist enterprises by measuring brand competitiveness within their industries under the goal of bringing better products and services to consumers through continuous innovation and progress.

Aside from polling best among consumers for interior paint and wood coatings, Nippon Paint China also placed highly in coatings for architectural, auto, general industrial, heavy duty, coil and powder industries.  In addition, Nippon Paint China has been in the process of gradual transformation in recent years, evolving from a simple coating product provider to one that can provide a full range of coating solutions. One example of such solutions is Nippon Paint renewing services, which are intended to liberate consumers from work by sending experts to customers’ doorsteps and providing professional home wall surveying, color consulting and overall painting services. Nippon Paint China will continue to improve the quality of products and services and aim to become a comprehensive color innovation expert in the future.

“We are much honored to have topped China Brand Power Index (C-BPI) for interior paint and wood coatings industries for two consecutive years. Our sincere thanks surely go to our consumers in China for their great favor, which is indeed the greatest recognition of and support for our work in China. In recent years, Nippon Paint China has been committed to becoming a coating service provider that paints for a better life. Through years of effort and transformation, Nippon Paint China is no longer a company that simply manufactures and sells coatings, but has successfully expanded into a broader range of fields, among which architectural coatings, automotive coatings, general industrial coatings, coil coatings, heavy duty coatings and powder coatings are of the best in the industry in China. Nippon Paint China is aiming to become a comprehensive color innovation expert and provide our Chinese consumers with improved products and services in the future,” says Ariel Wu, Brand and Communication Director of Nippon Paint China.

Nippon Paint Tops C-BPI Polls in "interior paint" and "wood coatings" categories
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