Indian Supreme Court dismisses plea to probe Indian Army's role in Sri Lankan civil war

Source:Xinhua Published: 2014-4-17 18:39:44

India's Supreme Court on Thursday dismissed a plea for a probe by a Special Investigation Team into the alleged role of the Indian Army during the last phase of civil war between government forces and the now-defunct Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka five years back.

"There are issues which are absolutely beyond the domain of the court and this is one of them," a two-judge bench said, declining to entertain the plea by the petitioner, Ram Sankar, a lawyer and a human rights activist.

The petitioner had sought the probe, saying that it was necessary in view of the publication of United Nations' Secretary General's expert panel report implicating Indian armed forces for their involvement with the Sri Lankan Army in alleged war crimes against Tamil civilians, including persons of Indian origin.

He had also alleged that the Indian government deployed its Army in Sri Lanka without the authority and approval of the Indian President and without the sanction of Parliament as required under the Indian Constitution.

The civil war ended in 2009 after Sri Lankan forces killed the head of the Tamil Tigers, V. Prabhakaran, in a fierce gunbattle.

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