Obama embarks on 4-nation Asia tour

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            The Asian Trip


Japan      April 23-25 
South Korea      April 25 
Malaysia      April 26-28 
The Philippines      April 28-29 

US President Barack Obama on April 23 arrived in Japan, the first leg of his four-nation Asia trip. The trip will also bring Obama to South Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Malaysia unlikely to alter delicate balance 
The US Sunday upgraded its ties with Malaysia during President Barack Obama's Asia tour in a move intended to reassure allies of Washington's commitment to a strategic pivot to the region against the backdrop of China's current rise.


Obama kicks off Asia tour to reinvigorate focus on Asia
Dynamic Asia needs US to reshape anachronistic policy
President's trip reasserts US power against China's rise
Containment unlikely in Asian geopolitics
Obama to underscore continued focus on Asia in upcoming trip

China expresses grave concerns over US-Japan joint statement
China on April 25 expressed grave concerns over a joint statement released by the United States and Japan, urging the two countries to discard their Cold War mindset and respect the interests and concerns of other countries in the region.

Obama wraps up Japan visit without accord on TPP trade deal
US President Barack Obama wrapped up his three-day visit to Tokyo and departed for South Korea on April 25 morning without a broad trade accord with the host as expected.

Obama recommits to defend Japan
US, Japan fail to reach TPP trade deal
US, Japan leaders vow to enhance bilateral ties
Dozens of people protest US president's visit in Tokyo
US President Obama arrives in Japan on 4-nation Asian trip

 About the Diaoyu Islands

Obama, US President
The Diaoyu Islands in the East China Sea fall under Article 5 of the Japan-US Security Treaty, which obliges the US to protect Japan if there are conflicts over Japan-administered territories. 

"We oppose any unilateral attempts to undermine Japan's administration of these islands," and the US engagement with China "does not and will not come at the expense of Japan or any other ally." 

Qin Gang , China's Foreign Ministry spokesman 
"We firmly oppose putting the Diaoyu Islands within the scope of the US-Japan Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security." 

US-Japan security treaty should not cover Chinese territory: Chinese envoy
China protests joint US-Japan statement
Japan reassured over Diaoyu  
US does not take side in territorial disputes: Obama
Abe to seek US reassurance
China denies US-Japan alliance's Diaoyu Islands bearing


US, Japan leaders vow to enhance bilateral ties 

Dozens of people protest US president's visit in Tokyo


Stay alert to Japan's dangerous signals
Trouble-making Japan poisonous to US long-term interests
Washington should tread carefully with Japan's military thirst
Obama ready to trust Japan with Asian maritime safety
Obama tackles diplomatic tangles in Tokyo

              South Korea

Obama conveys token of condolences for ferry disaster victims
US President Barack Obama on Friday conveyed his token of condolences for victims of the South Korean ferry sinking disaster to President Park Geun-hye before holding summit with Park in Seoul, presidential office Choeng Wa Dae said.

Obama arrives in S.Korea for summit with Park on DPRK nuclear program
US President Barack Obama arrived in Seoul April 25 afternoon to hold summit with his South Korean counterpart Park Geun-hye to discuss issues of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK)'s nuclear program and the South Korea-US alliance amid rising tensions in the region.

 About the North Korea nuclear program

Obama, US President
North Korea has engaged in provocative actions for the last several decades. It's been an irresponsible actor on the international stage for the last several decades.

Qin Gang , China's Foreign Ministry spokesman 
China is steadfast in realizing the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and called for all parties to decrease tensions and work with China.

Obama urges China on NK
N.Korea threats useless: Obama
Obama, Park urge DPRK to stop further threats


Obama arrives in Malaysia for 3-day visit
US president Barack Obama arrived April 26 for a three-day state visit to Malaysia, during which he will discuss issues bilateral trade and regional affairs.

Malaysia unwilling to be tied to strict deadline for TPPA conclusion: Malaysian FM
Malaysia was optimistic about a positive outcome of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) negotiations but unwilling to be tied to a strict deadline for conclusion, Malaysian Foreign Minister Anifah Aman said April25 in Putrajaya, local media reported.

               The Philippines

Obama concludes two-day state visit to Philippines
US President Barack Obama on Tuesday wrapped-up his two-day visit to the Philippines, the last leg of his four-nation Asia trip which also covered Japan, South Korea, and Malaysia.

Pact not anti-China: Obama 
US President Barack Obama said Monday that a newly inked security pact with the Philippines does not aim to counter a rising China.

US not trying to contain China: Obama 
Obama arrives in Philippines for state visit
No safety threat to Obama's coming visit: PH official 


Obama's Manila visit beefs up Philippines

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