A Bite Of China: Food sells out on the Internet

Source:CCTV.com Published: 2014-5-3 15:06:38

The second season of the TV documentary series "A bite of China" is back with more a bigger audience.Figures show that some 2 million people were used smart phones to trawl the web for food searches at the time when the first episode was aired. More than 3,000 strips of Sichuan bacon and Beijing roast duck were sold at online market Tianmao.com.

According to the site, 34 hundred bottle of honey produced in Linzhi county in Tibet were sold in seven days since the first episode was aired. A thousand bags of Leishan fish sauce were also sold out in half a day. After the second episode aired on Friday night, Huizhou stinky tofu sales increased exponentially.

Another big seller is Shannxi hand-made noodle, some 1,100 deals were made in two days. "A bite of China" is a documentary which details the history and stories behind various kinds of food across China.

The first season aired on May 2012 on China Central Television and quickly gained high rating and widespread popularity.

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