China releases 1st National Security Blue Book

Source:CRI Published: 2014-5-7 14:31:09

Two research institutes have released China's first National Security Blue Book.

The China National Security Research Report says, among other things, that terrorism in China is taking on new characteristics.

The report says with Chinese overseas interests expanding and strengthening, the risk of China facing more international terrorism is being intensified.

The report warns terrorist activities are having an impact on Chinese nationals abroad.

The Blue Book also says domestic terrorism in China is being influenced by international terrorism.

Feng Zhongping, deputy director of the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations, says there are multiple domestic security threats.

"The threats include violent terrorism, employment, social and political stability, as well as environmental issues. But I think the biggest security threats are violent terrorism and social stability, which are of our biggest concerns."

The new analysis says there were 10 terrorist attacks in China last year.

It notes that terrorist attacks here in China are on the rise, and are mainly targeting government institutions, the police and the army.

The Blue Book also hails the establishment of the National Security Council as a strategic move to safeguard national security.

The report says that on top of the NSC, new defense systems and effective early-warning mechanisms are also going to be needed to respond to terrorism.

Feng Zhongping says China is facing serious concerns about terrorism.

"From the Tian'anmen terrorist attack to the Kunming and Urumqi railways terrorist attacks, we need to boost our capabilities when it comes to terrorism and crisis control. At the same time, we also need to eradicate the root of the terror attacks in the long run. I think the international community should be better coordinating when it comes to fighting terrorism."

On top of terrorism, the new Blue Book also says this country is dealing with more cyber security threats and environmental security concerns.

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