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Source:Global Times Published: 2014-7-21 19:33:01

Will you eat at McDonald's or KFC after a media exposé revealed that one of their suppliers was selling them expired and substandard meat?

In an undercover exposé, Shanghai Television Station (STV) reported Sunday evening that Husi Food, the Chinese arm of a US-based food supplier, OSI Group, mixed expired and substandard meat into the processed meat products it was selling to McDonald's and KFC. STV interviewed a former Husi employee, who said the factory's quality control team created fake work records to fool inspectors from the fast-food chains.  What do Internet users think?

The company should be severely punished.

32.88% (122)

The fast-food giants also bear some responsibility because they did not conduct strict inspections.

6.2% (23)

This kind of misconduct happens time and time again because of the government's negligent supervision.

42.32% (157)

Chinese people's bodies have grown accustomed to unhealthy food.

18.6% (69)

Source: xinmin.cn

What do you use to take photos?

As more people buy smartphones with cameras, digital cameras have been gradually retreating from people's lives. In the future, perhaps smartphones will replace cameras as people's first choice for recording their lives. What device do Internet users take their photos with?

A smartphone or tablet computer

53.05% (844)

A digital single lens reflex camera or micro single lens reflex camera

29.29% (466)

An autofocus digital camera

14.14% (225)

Polaroid instant camera

3.52% (56)

Source: sh.qq.com

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