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Tired Romantic - Wang Jiaxue Solo Exhibition

Wang Jiaxue's haunting, super-realistic oil paintings are the result of an exacting technique, intense concentration and a morbid imagination. Taking cues from mannerism, El Greco, and modern horror culture, Wang's work describes not only a deranged personal psychological dynamic, but also that of a collective psyche as well.

Date: Until August 31

Venue: BANK

Address: 1/F, 59 Xianggang Road 香港路59号1楼

Admission: Free

Call 6310-3622 for details

The Meaning Is Beyond the Words - Hang Mingzhi Photography Exhibition

Photographer Hang Mingzhi takes black-and-white photos filled with the artist's concern, understanding, obsession and attachment to the objects. They contain strong cultural and aesthetic significance, but have been forgotten, abandoned, distorted and even destroyed. The camera lens freezes the moment so that the attitude of the artist is highlighted. Such feeling gives the pictures deeper essential resonance regarding cultural inheritance and the existence of mankind.

Date: Until August 29

Venue: OFOTO Gallery


Address: Bldg 13, 50 Moganshan Road 莫干山路50号13楼

Admission: Free

Call 6298-5416 for details

Jeffrey Shaw and Hu Jieming Twofold Solo Exhibition

Jeffrey Shaw and Hu Jieming Twofold Solo Exhibition focuses on these two artists who have both developed individual approaches to new media art, and contributed each in their own way to the practice and context of this new art form as we experience it today. Jeffrey Shaw is a leading figure in new media art and has been active since its emergence from the performance, expanded cinema, and installation paradigms of the 1960s, to its present day technology-informed and virtualized forms. Set out as a twofold solo exhibition, the Chronus Art Center simultaneously presents a new art piece by Hu Jieming: Tai Chi with Prelude. This has been created not only as a response to the influence of Hu's old master, but also to Hu's own artistic achievements over the past years. Constantly concerned with subjects such as time, human history, and cultural memory, Hu intended to illuminate the boundaries between the "passing-by" and "going-on" and by doing so he set viewers free from the chronological way of seeing historical events, onto a more accidental reconstruction.

Date: Until November 28

Venue: Chronus Art Center


Address: Bldg 18, 50 Moganshan Road 莫干山路50号18号楼

Admission: Free

Call 5271-5789 for details

Public Art Showcase: Traces

Entitled Traces, the ongoing exhibition in the public space at the Shanghai Xintiandi area, ponders the existence of time. The exhibition features 18 paintings and art installations from 15 artists from home and abroad. The works employ distinctive approaches in different media to visualize the flow of time. Among them, Shen Lieyi creates ripples of water on the surface of natural stones, which records the dialogues in nature. Xie Caomin uses images from Buddhism and Hinduism to create an infinity of time and space in his oil paintings.

Date: Until August 31, 10 am to 10 pm

Venue: Xintiandi 新天地

Address: 123 Xingye Road


Admission: Free

Call 6311-2288 for details

Moments - Dai Mouyu

Needle-Ink-Pen on Paper Solo Exhibition

Looking from afar, each work appears to be a grey-tone figurative image: flowing grasses in the wind, a flock of gulls in the sky, the sky and sea, mountain peaks. On closer inspection, however, the viewer will be astonished by the artist's painstaking effort: tens of thousands of unbroken lines fill the whole paper, and the distance between each slender line is only a few millimeters while the background consists of crossing vertical and horizontal lines. Dai Mouyu creates a distinctive and visual experience for his audiences. As stated by the artist: "The stimulation of drawing to me is the excitement that comes from the strokes, which contain anxiety and stress. The pure pleasure, however, lies in the physical act of creation of the works." All the paintings for this exhibition are the newest works finished this year. They build on the exquisiteness, sensitivity, calmness and size of his previous works, with a developed understanding toward aesthetic appearance and atmosphere.

Date: Until Friday

Venue: FQ Projects 非青计划

Address: No.76, Lane 927 Huaihai Road Middle


Admission: Free

Call 6466-2940 for details

On Stage

Duo Francesca Dego & Francesca Leonardi

Francesca Dego and Francesca Leonardi have been performing together for the last 10 years. Their repertoire runs from baroque to new music. Following the success of Francesca Dego's 24 Paganini Caprices for Deutsche Grammophon, the duo has started recording all of the Beethoven Violin Sonatas. Francesca Dego was the first Italian female violinist since 1961 to reach the final of the Paganini Competition in 2008, and she won the Enrico Costa prize as the youngest finalist. From earliest years, Francesca Leonardi has earned distinction in many national and international competitions with 14 first prizes.

Date: August 23

Venue: Shanghai Oriental Art Center 上海东方艺术中心

Address: 425 Dingxiang Road


Tickets: 50 yuan to 300 yuan

Call 6854-1234 for details

Bruno-Valcepina Piano Duet

Giuseppe Bruno is currently the head of the Giacomo Puccini Conservatory in La Spezia, Italy. He won an award at the International Piano Contest in Rome. In 1992, he received a second award as a duo with violinist Alberto Bologni at the Viotti Competition in Vercelli, Italy. Paolo Valcepina is an Italian virtuoso who has won many national and international competitions. Among them, he ranked second in the International Piano Competition Camillo Togni and the third in the Venice Award at La Fenice, reserved for best Italian pianists. Also, he was awarded the silver medal by the president of Italy. Last year, Bruno and Valcepina toured together in Italy, Spain and China, performing the music of Giuseppe Verdi for the composer's bicentenary.

Date: September 26

Venue: Shanghai Oriental Art Center 上海东方艺术中心

Address: 425 Dingxiang Road


Tickets: 50 yuan to 300 yuan

Call 6854-1234 for details

The Kammerchor Stuttgart Shanghai Concert

The German chamber choir is known for performing music from a wide range of periods and styles. Its repertoire includes music composed as far back as the 17th century and as recent as the last couple of decades, though they don't perform pieces from the Middle Ages and the renaissance. The choir performs opera, oratorio and a cappella. It has appeared at every major European festival, such as those in Salzburg, Barcelona, Madrid, Brussels and Flanders. In Germany, the choir has performed at festivals and concerts in Berlin, Dresden, Halle and the Rheingau Music Festival.

Date: August 7

Venue: Shanghai Oriental Art Center 上海东方艺术中心

Address: 425 Dingxiang Road


Tickets: 80 yuan to 380 yuan

Call 6854-1234 for details

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