Imam’s murder is death-knell for terror

By Global Times Source:Global Times-Agencies Published: 2014-8-2 0:23:01

Police in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region announced on Thursday that they had shot dead two alleged religious extremists and captured one man, all of whom are believed to have murdered Jume Tahir, the imam of Id Kah Mosque, in Kashi.

According to a report by Xinjiang's official news portal, the three suspects, who had been influenced by religious extremism and intended to do "something big" to make a name for themselves, killed the 74-year-old imam Wednesday after he finished the morning prayer service.

Id Kah Mosque is the largest in Xinjiang. Imam Jume Tahir was a patriotic religious leader who enjoyed a wide reputation and respect among Uyghur Muslims.

He publicly condemned the brutality of extremists after their recent deadly attacks in the northwestern region, which authorities believe to be connected to overseas terrorist groups.

The murder of the respected imam is a hideous crime. It only indicates that the extremists felt growing anxiety and fear over the patriotic religious leaders' public criticism and elaboration of the real spirit of Islamic teachings. They were attempting to create a sense of terror.

The death of Imam Jume Tahir has once again shown the world that the terrorists are the public enemy of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. They mean to destroy the peace and stability of Xinjiang. They have created one bloody atrocity after another to draw global attention and promote their extremist causes. Whoever stands in their way will become a target.

The repeated deadly attacks have hurt the livelihood of Xinjiang, especially in the southern part of the region, including the tourist resort of Kashi. Local business people, mainly Uyghurs, have felt the biggest impact.

The terrorists are sacrificing the local economic and social progress for their purposes.

Terrorist attacks in Xinjiang seem to be on the increase in recent years. It is no surprise if you also learn about how the separatist World Uyghur Congress has been spreading false information to foreign media, and how the Western media have often been amplifying their  prejudice against the Chinese government.

Prosecutors in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang, on Wednesday announced they were prosecuting Ilham Tohti, a former lecturer at the Minzu University of China, for separatism. The US Department of State demanded the release of Tohti on the same day. The stance will encourage overseas Uyghur separatists to create more troubles.

However, the extremists' goal to split Xinjiang or mess up the entire country will never succeed. It has become clearer than ever that ethnic integrity is the only choice for people in Xinjiang.

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