Students sent home for ‘non-standard hairstyle’

Source:Global Times Published: 2014-9-2 21:53:01

Several teenage students who were prevented from attending classes in Beijing on Monday for not meeting their school's hairstyle requirements was going a hair too far, said netizens.

No. 1 Middle School of Huairou district blocked three male students from their first day of classes after claiming they did not comply with the school's dress and style code.

All male students must sport a crew cut, while females must wear their hair in a braid or tied up. Students are also forbidden from wearing nail polish or having long finger nails. Violators will be suspended on the spot, according to the regulation.

Though the school argued the code aims at helping students focus on their studies, many feel the policy is too rigid. Nearly 50 percent of over 3,400 respondents said in a Sina Weibo poll on Tuesday found the regulation was unreasonable. Many argued that students should be granted enough space to make personal choices.

"It is ridiculous. There is no such scientific study that shows a hairstyle has any link with one's academic performance in school. Our education system kills personality," one Net user argued.

"It is an understandable move by the school as it can prevent students from spending too much time comparing each other's hairstyle," a Net user wrote.

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