Xi wants teaching to be most respected profession

Source:Xinhua Published: 2014-9-10 14:42:42

Chinese President Xi Jinping shakes hands with teachers and students at Beijing Normal University in Beijing, capital of China, September 9, 2014. Xi made an inspection tour to Beijing Normal University Tuesday, the eve of Teachers' Day in China. (Xinhua/Pang Xinglei)

President Xi Jinping on Tuesday, the eve of Teachers' Day in China, urged Party organs and governments to make teaching the most respected job in China.

Xi was speaking at Beijing Normal University, where he visited labs and teaching sessions, talking with students and the faculty.

The improvement of education and the prosperity of the nation need teachers with sound ethics, great teaching skills and high energy levels, said Xi.

He called on teachers to set the bar high and dedicate themselves to the cause of modernization. He urged governments at all levels to put education at their top of their agenda and continue education reform.

At a session for teachers from rural areas, Xi said more efforts should be put into the poor western, rural, remote and island areas. He told the teachers that "China will be strong if the youth are strong; China will be strong if the central and western regions are strong."

In a speech at the end of his tour, Xi said that good teachers, generation after generation, are the hope of a nation. "The importance of teachers lies in shaping souls, forging lives and crafting humans... To become a good teacher, one must have lofty ideals, solid knowledge and a kind heart."

Xi urged Communist Party committees and governments at various levels to focus on the professionalism of teachers, to care about them, pay them better, and protect their rights and interests, making teaching the most respected job in China.

"Today's students are the major driving force that will realize our great Chinese dream: the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Teachers are dream builders, undertaking their mission to forge a 'dream team'," he said, urging all teachers to make a greater contribution to the educational cause.

Before the tour, Xi met and congratulated award winning teachers.

Before the tour, Xi met and congratulated award winning teachers.

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