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Contemporary Photography in China 2009 - 2014

Featuring photography, installation and video works by a total of 52 artists and art collectors, the exhibition presented on the first floor of the art museum intends to display a big picture view of the development of contemporary photography in China. With a focus on photographic practice probing into the contemporary context, the exhibition investigates and encourages the exploration of the language and concept of photography. The ongoing exhibition consists of three sections. The curatorial team endeavors to highlight some prominent trends witnessed in the photography scene in China and to present a grand and yet detailed picture of it, reviewing the path it has undergone from 2009 to 2014.

Date: Until October 15

Venue: Minsheng Art Museum


Address: Bldg F, 570 Huaihai Road West 淮海西路570号F座

Admission: 20 yuan

Call 6282-8729 for details

The Bathroom: A Historical Retrospective

The modern concept of sanitation and the bathroom emerged as early as the 19th century, when people began to regard the connection between water and hygiene as the basis of health. Recently, Spanish bathroom brand Roca has brought a retrospective exhibition of historical bathroom pieces to Shanghai, the fifth stop of its world tour after Barcelona, Lisbon, London and Madrid. Among the exhibits are a dolphin-shaped toilet owned by Elisabeth of Austria (1837-98), a foldable bidet made in 1895 which looks like a violin case, and a book stack toilet from the early 19th century that resembles a pile of books.

Date: Until December 10, 9 am to 6 pm

Venue: Roca Shanghai Gallery


Address: 1/F, 396 Caoxi Road North 漕溪北路396号1楼

Admission: Free

Call 3368-8822 for details

The Past - Mehmet Ali Uysal Solo Exhibition

Mehmet Ali Uysal is presenting two new series of sculptural and installation works, which explore the concept of value in art as a cultural production and commodity. At the core of his artistic practice is a questioning of contemporary art, its institutions and the art market. Growing up in Turkey, Uysal's first visits to European museums as a young adult left an indelible mark on him. The artist recounts how his encounters with the institutions and modes of display in the West left him both exhilarated and frustrated. The cultural achievements of the past as viewed from a Western perspective were unfolding before his eyes, but at the same time there was a distinct feeling that history was being revisited as a spectacle, highlighting for him the relationship between art and commodification. His response is to challenge how art is valued and experienced in space.

Date: Until November 15

Venue: Pearl Lam Galleries


Address: 181 Jiangxi Road Middle 江西中路181号

Admission: Free

Call 6323-1989 for details

1199 People - Collection from Long Museum

The exhibition aims to break the traditional conception of curatorial philosophy and the planning of installations. It displays more than 300 figure paintings created by hundreds of artists after the period of China's reform and opening-up in 1978. The number "1199" is the overall number of figure images showing in the exhibition. Curator Xu Zhen tries to get across a variety of artistic ideological trends and creative concepts, and to purify human relationships from the general appearance of the pictures. He tries to answer the questions asked by ancient Greek philosopher Socrates, such as "Who are we," "Where did we come from" and "Where will we go?" He provides various possible ways to interpret such ultimate questions for humanity from a contemporary artistic perspective.

Date: Until December 10

Venue: Long Museum (West Bund)


Address: 3398 Longteng Avenue 龙腾大道3398号

Admission: Free

Call 6422-7636 for details

Youth Notes - Chi Ming Solo Exhibition

Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum is holding the second phase of the Young-Artist Project Circumstance and Attitude: Youth Notes. A total of 26 painting works done between 2013 and 2014 by the artist Chi Ming are being exhibited in the museum. By intense yet meticulous colors and a sharp yet real touch, Chi captures the souls of modern young people, be they men or women. He reveals the lives of living souls with intense emotions by conjuring a wild picture of young privacy, alluring lust, bold and direct attitudes toward sex, as well as the constant pursuit of freedom and imagination. Nevertheless, deep in his heart one can still detect the childishly fragile and naïve psychology of a little boy, who smiles and laughs while still holding a slight sadness and loneliness.

Date: Until October 28

Venue: Minsheng Art Museum


Address: Bldg F, 570 Huaihai Road West 淮海西路570号F座

Admission: Free

Call 6282-8729 for more


On Stage

Yuri Temirkanov & The Saint Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra

The Saint Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra, Russia's oldest symphonic ensemble, was founded in 1882. It is the first ensemble in the country to receive the name "Honored Collective of the Russian Federation." Conductor Yuri Temirkanov was born in the Caucasus city of Nal'chik. In 1966, one year after graduating from the Leningrad Conservatory, he won the prestigious All-Soviet National Conducting Competition. Since then, Temirkanov became a frequent guest conductor of major orchestras in Europe, Asia and the US. He has appeared with leading European orchestras and his numerous recordings include the complete Stravinsky ballets and Tchaikovsky symphonies with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Date: October 18

Venue: Shanghai Oriental Art Center 上海东方艺术中心

Address: 425 Dingxiang Road


Tickets: 80 yuan to 1,680 yuan

Call 6854-1234 for details

Christmas Choral Fantasy - Organ and Choir Concert

Shanghai Philharmonic Symphony Choir was established in July, 2013. Their recent activities include collaborating with the famous Polish soundtrack master Preisner at the French film Red, White and Blue concert in the MISA festival and performing at 2013 Video Games Live, a concert themed after World of Warcraft which created a big stir this summer. Born in 1969, Thorsten Maeder specializes in conducting, organ and piano. Maeder is a laureate of international competitions and performs regular concerts in Germany and many others countries. He has been invited to perform in South America, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and China.

Date: December 24

Venue: Shanghai Oriental Art Center 上海东方艺术中心

Address: 425 Dingxiang Road


Tickets: 80 yuan to 380 yuan

Call 6854-1234 for details

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