Tempest’s sting

By AFP – CFP Source:AFP – CFP Published: 2014-10-14 0:33:01

High waves surge toward the port in Kawaminami, Miyazaki Prefecture on Japan's southern island of Kyushu Monday. At least one person is missing and dozens were injured as Typhoon Vongfong churned northward. Photo: AFP

Pedestrians struggle to cross the road in the strong wind and rain Monday in Himeji, Japan. Local media reported at least 44 people were injured in typhoon-related accidents, while at least 329 flights were canceled. Photo: CFP


A man grips his umbrella as Typhoon Vongfong, which means "sting" in Cantonese, hit Himeji in Japan Monday. According to the Japan Meteorological Agency's typhoon intensity scale, Vongfong is the third "violent typhoon" of 2014, following Genevieve and Halong, with winds of up to 180 kilometers per hour. Photo: CFP


Typhoon Vongfong cause high waves that breached seawalls carrying ocean debris into the streets Sunday in Okinawa, Japan. Photo: CFP


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