Brazil screens air passengers from West Africa for Ebola

Source:Xinhua Published: 2014-11-1 11:39:22

Air passengers from the three West African countries hardest hit by Ebola will be screened at Brazilian airports, the authorities announced Friday.

As from Friday, passengers from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone must undergo a body temperature check and claim their health status at airports, Health Minister Arthur Chioro told a press conference.

They will also be given a pamphlet with information on the symptoms of Ebola and where to seek medical attention in Brazil in case they come up with any signs of the disease.

The measures are already in place at Brazil's busiest airport, Guarulhos Airport in Sao Paulo, Chioro said, adding that they will be extended to other airports in November.

As there are no direct flights to Brazil from West Africa, the risk of an Ebola outbreak in the South American nation is "extremely low," Chioro said.

He dismissed the possibility of implementing stricter controls, such as travel bans to the affected countries or bans on passengers from those countries.

So far, there have been two suspected cases of Ebola in Brazil, but both tested negative.

Nearly 5,000 people, mainly in West Africa, have died of the fatal virus, and 13,567 more are reported to be infected.

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