Occupy protest coming to a tired, dead end

Source:Global Times Published: 2014-11-3 23:43:01

The Occupy Central movement ignited by extreme Hong Kong opposition groups is increasingly difficult to sustain. Any new advocacy by this movement will be viewed as the group looking for an excuse to end this illegal movement.

On Sunday, the Hong Kong police urged Occupy Central organizers to have the morality and courage to end this movement. The call is unlikely to have any effect. The closer they get to failure, the more they are resolute in safeguarding their political interests. It has become routine that losers are not willing to accept their failures.

There are few possibilities that Occupy Central will end by itself. The APEC summit will be held in Beijing soon. The Occupy Central groups are more than willing to take this chance to create waves to attract attention.

Western opinion would not like to see an end to Occupy Central so soon. Some mainstream media often try to make a fuss about anything that relates to democracy in Hong Kong. For example, the New York Times cited declassified documents which suggested that during the 1950s when Hong Kong was under colonial rule, the colonial governors sought to introduce democracy but abandoned those efforts under pressure from Beijing. But China and Britain had not established diplomatic ties at that time. Is the claim credible?

The Kyodo News Agency also reported that during US Secretary of State John Kerry's meeting with State Councilor Yang Jiechi, Kerry had requested that the People's Liberation Army not resort to violent force in dealing with Occupy Central in Hong Kong. But even the Hong Kong police may not resort to force.

Occupy Central will come to a dead end, which can be attributed to two reasons. First, Chinese mainland society has adapted to the fuss-making of these people. They have little impact on the stability of the mainland. Contrary to their wishful thinking, they only generate resentment from the mainland public. They have realized that they are only the minority in this country. Second, they also irritated Hong Kong society, which has come to oppose them more and more.

The Occupy Central movement is tired, yet it is still cunning. People in Hong Kong and the mainland will have to endure it for a few more days. We will make the failed Occupy Central movement serve as a warning for future radicals.

Hong Kong society shouldn't accept any unreasonable conditions set by Occupy Central groups or compromise with them. The failure of Occupy Central is not only a political one, but also a moral and legal one. A consensus that such movements will never again happen in Hong Kong should be reached.

The confrontation posed by Occupy Central makes Chinese society and the rest of the world see the comparison of strength. There are always people who want to create disturbances, but they have little strength. As long as China remains firm and sober, any ideas that try to take it down will be illusions.

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