Portuguese police dismantle drug trafficking ring

Source:Xinhua Published: 2015-1-27 10:54:28

Portuguese police dismantled an "important drug trafficking network" in Sintra, 20 km west of Lisbon, following a 10-month investigation, the Portuguese Public Security Police (PSP) said in a statement on Monday.

The operation led to the arrest of three men aged between 21 and 39, charged with selling hashish and cocaine directly to consumers in and around Lisbon.

The men were caught in the act of selling drugs and carrying over 2,000 doses of drugs, 10,000 euros (11,300 US dollars) in cash, an alarm pistol and ammunition.

According to the statement, police also searched three residences and seized several doses of hashish, cocaine, cannabis and over 2,000 euros in cash.

Another four men, aged between 41 and 57, were arrested Sunday in Lisbon accused of drug trafficking. (1 euro = 1.13 US dollars)

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