Israel to import Gaza agricultural products first time in 7 years

Source:Xinhua Published: 2015-3-5 23:19:13

Israel intends to import agricultural products from the Gaza Strip for the first time in seven years, local media reported on Thursday.

Israeli officials were quoted by Israeli Radio as saying that for the first time in seven years, Israel will import vegetables and fruits from the Gaza Strip.

The radio also said that the reason behind the decision to import Gaza vegetables is that according to Jewish traditions, Israelis are not allowed to grow on their farms this year and should get their vegetables from abroad.

In 2007 Israel considered the coastal enclave as a hostile entity and imposed a tight blockade after Hamas seized control of the territory, including restrictions on exporting Palestinian vegetables and fruits from the Gaza Strip to the rest of the world.

After 2010, Israel decided to relax its blockade on Gaza due to international pressure. Palestinian officials said that in 2014, Israel allowed exporting 187 truckloads of products from the Gaza Strip, down from 234 truckloads in 2013. Most of the exports were agricultural products.

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