Govt’s thrust remains consistent: Finland envoy

By Li Qian Source:Global Times Published: 2015-3-6 0:13:02

Finland Ambassador to China Jari Gustafsson. Photo: Courtesy of the Finnish Embassy

Finland's ambassador to China said Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's annual government work report at the opening session of the third session of the 12th National People's Congress on Thursday feeds off last year's report.

Ambassador Jari Gustafsson said Premier Li continued to focus on the need for effective economic policies and an intense anti-graft campaign.

"He made it very clear today that the anti-graft campaign will not stop. The government will put a lot of effort in making sure that all civil servants and Party members stay within the law. The message is very clear," Gustafsson told the Global Times in the Great Hall of the People.

It was Gustafsson's second year to attend China's two sessions as a guest and listen to Premier Li deliver his annual report.

On China's diplomatic policy, Gustafsson said the report shows that the government has to try to make efforts to address tensions with neighboring countries.

"It was mentioned that the trilateral economic cooperation between South Korea, Japan and China is still an important concept, and has to be supported by the Chinese government," he said.

The ambassador also said he appreciates Li's work style. "He has always been very convincing. He is decisive, and urges people to work harder. He is clear in setting targets and expectations. I'm sure all those who listened got his message," he said.

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