Factory owner diagnosed with bipolar disorder after mass iPhone giveaway

Source:Global Times Published: 2015-3-30 20:38:09

A factory owner in Ningbo, East China's Zhejiang Province was sent for a psychiatric evaluation at his wife's behest after he distributed over 20 new iPhones to employees in a spree of manic glee.

The owner of the plastics factory surnamed Qian was diagnosed with having bipolar disorder, a mental disorder characterized by drastic mood swings between intense excitement and severe depression.

"He was very excited and even vowed to expand to factories overseas to conquer the global market," said Qian's wife surnamed Hu.

However, Hu said she called doctors when he suddenly distributed over 20 iPhones to his key employees.

"The problem is, he just gave them a year-end bonus," said Hu. 

Hu told doctors that Qian had been losing his temper recently and is prone to throw objects when feeling unsatisfied.

His erratic behavior also included visiting entertainment venues on a daily basis and constantly rotating his luxury cars for new vehicles, Hu said.

Qian has a history of mental illness, doctors revealed. He was diagnosed with depression one year ago after a failed business investment.

"But after one year, [Qian] looks like a different person. He used to be depressed. Now, he is very excited," said Shi Yaosheng, a doctor at Ningbo Kangning Hospital.

About one third of those suffering from bipolar disorder are initially diagnosed with depression, said Shi.

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