Prisons to create websites for transparency

Source:Xinhua Published: 2015-4-8 1:03:01

The Ministry of Justice has asked provincial prison agencies to launch websites to publish information about remission, parole and other prison matters.

The websites, part of efforts to improve transparency, should allow citizens to find information and make inquiries, the ministry said on Tuesday.

It also encouraged prison agencies to maximize the use of computers in administrative work, so as to minimize human error and misconduct. All information on inmates should be placed in a database, processed through a computer system and updated regularly so it can be traced and monitored.

The ministry pledged to make clearer to inmates their legal rights and obligations as well as information about their performance assessment and how to apply for remission and parole.

Prisons will also be encouraged to invite third-party supervisors to attend hearings of some high-profile remission and parole cases.

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