Chinese anti-drug operation ends with arrest of 133,000

Source:Xinhua Published: 2015-4-15 20:41:37

Chinese police arrested more than 133,000 suspects for drug-related crimes in a five-month operation that led to the seizure of 43.3 tons of narcotics, police authorities announced Wednesday.

The police also punished around 606,000 drug users from the beginning of October to the end of March amid a nationwide campaign to "ban drugs in hundreds of cities," assistant minister of public security Liu Yuejin said in a meeting marking the end of the campaign.

Liu said drug trafficking groups have "suffered a heavy blow" and drug users have been "forcefully regulated." Drug-related crimes such as robbery and theft also dropped 20.5 percent year on year during the period.

However, the police also paid a price, according to Liu. Nine police officers died and another 657 were wounded in the mission, with 76 severely wounded. The ministry rewarded 60 units and 100 people.

Liu said the ministry launched a three-month online clearing campaign starting in April aiming to arrest several people engaged in drug-related Internet crimes.

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