Indian PM Modi posts on Weibo showing gifts to President Xi

Source:ECNS Published: 2015-5-17 15:53:43

Photo from verified Weibo account of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Photo:ECNS

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has posted pictures of the gifts he sent to Chinese President Xi Jinping on Weibo, the popular Chinese Twitter-like platform.

The gifts included replicas of a stone casket of Buddhist relics and a stone statue of Buddha that were excavated from a 3rd-4th century AD stupa at Dev-ni-Mori - a site 80 km east of Vadnagar, Gujarat - in 1957.

The two neighboring countries share a common thread of Buddhist culture.

Modi also presented archaeological drawings of excavations at Vadnagar, which was one of the places visited by the great Chinese traveler Xuanzang around 641 AD.

Modi's post received 1660 likes and was forwarded over 250 times approximately seven hours after going live.

During Modi's visit to the ancient city of Xi'an, Shaanxi province, he also received a gift from a Buddhist abbot.

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