Hosts China beat Japan 3-0 at Asian Women's Volleyball Championship

Source:Xinhua Published: 2015-5-24 9:20:32

Japan's Asuka Nomura reacts during the match against China at the 18th Asian Senior Women's Volleyball Championships in Tianjin, north China, on May 23, 2015. Japan lost 0-3. Photo:Xinhua

With another 3-0 in Saturday's match against Japan, hosts China continued their unstoppable step at Asian Women's Volleyball Championship.

As Japan automatically play as the host in the qualifications for Rio 2016, Japan sent their backup team to Tianjin this time and they finished second in Group C, making themselves the opponent of China in the first match of the second stage.

The young guest team surprised the audience with their strong and quick spike. China won by a six-point margin in the first set. The attack of Japan continued while China began to pick up their skills of blocking.

After they beat Japan 25-14 in the second set, the strong combination of Zeng Chunlei and Zhang Changning led a 10-0 streak in the third quarter and finished the match 25-10.8
Zeng Chunlei had a game-high 14 points for China as Sakamoto Nanaka tops Japan with 10.

"The Japanese players may be young but they can handle the basic skills of the sport smoothly. It's just because we have an obvious advantage with our height," said China coach Lang Ping.

Japan will player against Iran on Sunday and China will face Vietnam who upset Japan 3-2 in the group stage and ranked the first in Group C.

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