Chinese college student comes 'out' at graduation rites

By Source:Agencies - Published: 2015-7-5 23:13:41

College student Wan Qing, wearing a rainbow flag, announced that she is lesbian during the graduation ceremony of Sun Yat-Sen University. She got a hug from the university president and encouragement from other students. Photos: Weibo account"Yangtuoqing"

Gay college graduate Wan Qing and the Sun Yat-Sen University president make a gesture of solidarity for LGBTQ groups. 

The president of Sun Yat-Sen University congratulates Wan Qing during graduation rites.  Wan announced at the ceremony that she is lesbian.

Wan Qing proudly displays a rainbow flag, the symbol of the LGBT community, after graduating from Sun Yat-Sen University.

Openly-gay Sun Yat-Sen University graduate Wan Qing (holding the rainbow flag) received encouragement from other university students.

"Every kind of love should be respected and displayed. Love is beyond everything, regardless of gender, China or the US, black or white," a Weibo user wrote. 

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