Moment of Neti-zen: Bad online reviews send touchy poet on rampage

Source:Global Times Published: 2015-7-14 21:08:01

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Bad online reviews send touchy poet on rampage

A literary figure in Leiyang, Hunan Province has achieved fame nationwide, not for his prose, but his temper.

Xiong Aichun reportedly stormed into a local website office and smashed a computer in response to unfavorable comments his poems received on the Internet.

Xiong, chairman of Leiyang's literature federation, spared the metaphors for those at the office of on July 3, a local news and BBS website, preferring to throw a monitor on the ground. 

According to Gu Renfeng, an editor for the site, Xiong was enraged because the poems he posted received comments saying his poems are bad, and that there is "something mentally wrong with Xiong."

"I'm speechless," Gu told the newspaper. "It was Web users who commented on his poems, but he came to smash our computer."

What's more, Xiong also wrote a dated but unsigned note at the office that read, "Xiong Aichun smashed the website's computer in a rage!"

Witnesses said the poet had to ask onlookers to remind him how to write the Chinese character for "smash." Gu called police to report the incident.

Officers ordered Xiong to pay 2,000 yuan ($320) in compensation for the computer.

However, Xiong demanded Gu pay him 1 million yuan for the slanderous online comments accusing him of being a "mad man."

The parties did not reach a settlement, read the report.

Local publicity authorities on Tuesday declined to comment on the incident, but told local media that Xiong is currently receiving medical treatment in a hospital.

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