Man detained for throwing tantrum on flight over wet pants

Source:Global Times Published: 2015-8-23 20:03:13

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Man detained for throwing tantrum on flight over wet pants

A surly airline passenger was detained by police for an incident on board a Kunming Airlines flight Thursday that saw him throw drinks and demand a stewardess help him change his pants.

Police took the passenger, surnamed Fan, into custody upon arrival after he threw his drink and garbage at cabin crew during the flight from Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province to Kunming, Yunnan Province.

Fan received five days in police detention for disturbing public order, media reported Saturday.

Fan said he was angry because the airline had refused to fulfill his requests.

Tempers first flared when Fan refused to turn off his cellphone while taxiing despite repeated requests from cabin attendants, reported aviation website He then shouted at cabin crew for passing him while giving out in-flight meals because he was sleeping.

Fan then accidentally spilled a drink on his pants and requested a female attendant to help him to clean it up. He later demanded she help him change his pants.

Many on social media called for harsher punishment than five days in police detention.

"If the penalty remains only a fine and detention, that kind of misconduct will occur again and again," wrote a Sina Weibo user. "That stewardess needs to learn karate and knock him out instantly," wrote "Zhuxiaoxiao88."

"Actually that constitutes sexual harassment and he should be more severely punished," commented a social media user.

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