War spy drama 'The Disguiser' dominates ratings

Source:Global Times Published: 2015-9-15 16:43:01

Chinese war spy drama The Disguiser has become one of the hottest dramas on streaming site Sohu TV. 

The drama, which began airing on traditional channel Hunan TV and online streaming site Sohu TV on August 31, dominated the top spot in ratings for nearly two weeks. Set in 1930s Shanghai, the story follows a young man, Ming Tai, from a prominent family whose keen observational skills and mastery of disguise make him a natural-born spy. 

According to Hou Hongliang, the show's producer and the man behind a numerous of popular Chinese dramas such as All Quiet in Peking and Journey to Northeast China, the key to a good TV series is a good script and the right cast. For him, he said that it is the touching relationships among the Ming family members in The Disguiser, his first attempt at a war spy drama, that moves him the most. 

"Living in a time of peace, we have a hard time imagining what it must be like for a family living during a time of war," he said at a Sohu TV fan-meet in Beijing on Monday. 

Global Times

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